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WebWall Webstudio
Welcome to our site

fellow art lover!

We are very pleased and honored that you inquired about our gallery. We hope you will enjoy the all beautiful artwork and also that the time you spend here, will be pleasurable.
By using the Gallery menu, you will be able to browse all the pictures on display and also have the opportunity to make a purchase.

Our offers

Gyulai Zsuzsanna - Egy tőről fakadvaGyulai Zsuzsanna - Vanília égboltGyulai Zsuzsanna - Nyugalom

Gyulai Zsuzsanna

10 paintings

Deák János - Őszi napsütésDeák János - Felsőbányai őszi tájDeák János - Nagybányai látkép

János Deák

artist, Nagybánya, 30 pieces of artwork tempera and carton

Vitárius Nikoletta Szilvia - PihenésVitárius Nikoletta Szilvia - MormotaVitárius Nikoletta Szilvia - Kaméleon

Vitárius Nikoletta Szilvia

graphic artist, 31 pieces of artwork engraving, serigraph, litograph, sketch and watercolour

Szekeres Imre - MajomSzekeres Imre - SasSzekeres Imre - Próféta

Szekeres Imre

7 ceramics statues

M. Gubán György - NapM. Gubán György - CímerM. Gubán György - Ady Endre

György M. Gubán

enamel artist, 115 pieces of artwork

György M. Gubán - enamel copies of the yuried picture entitled WAKE UP

György M. Gubán - WAKE UP

enamel copies of his yuried picture entitled WAKE UP

Special offer

see yourself in an enamel picture

Tanai Toguro Gyula - Az öregTanai Toguro Gyula - SzfinxTanai Toguro Gyula - ÁdámÉva

Tanai Toguro Gyula

fine artist,
8 pieces of artwork

Painting of Ferenc Kováts

Painting of Ferenc Kováts

made in 1936, size: 100x120 cm

800.000,- HUF

Antique venetian mirror in a gilded gypsum frame

Antique venetian mirror

in a 160x110 cm gilded gypsum frame

330.000,- HUF

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